....... SHEMALE ......... Eva Luxury

Eva Luxury

23 / pre-op mtf ts / Boston, MA

Kinky tranny companion. I would love to add some spice to your mundane life. Lets unlock and explore those fantasies you've been dwelling on.

I love to dress up in sexy lingerie and theme inspired costumes. I can introduce you to some fun toys and costumes we can try on you!

If you found this webpage I'm probably available. Dont hesitate to call me.

As you can see I'm not the glamazon over worked type of transsexual. I'm just an honest trans-sexual who likes to have fun! No over worked photos here!

1(617) 217-1341


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    Io vado della polizia fare una denúncia esquifo di merda fa la finita di no usare più le mie foto
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    Holy crap!!!! U r stunning. I have no more words, wow!
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    Oh god she’s hot. Lux means light so I’ve definitely seen the light now.
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